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NEW Quality of the life !

High-active cost-saving Purifier of water (multi-functional liquid coagulant).
Just one bottle 0,33 Litre of Purifier provides 330 Litres of high-quality crystalline-pure water!
Whether you know how many water your body contains?       ......... 80% !
What quantity of potable water you use during your life?  ......... 75 tons !
How you could save your own health ?  ......
<< The best potable water - water of your own production! >>
This Purifier is the best of all advanced coagulating technology in purification of water known in the world today.
This product available for international distribution is really novelty on international consumer market and today is easily available both to ordinary customers and governments to satisfy hereby theirs vitally important and strategic needs!
High-active cost-saving purifier of water (multi-functional liquid coagulant) selectively but effectively and fully cleans water from any kind of organic and non-organic admixtures (impurities) and substances including chlorine-containing, surface-active substances, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, nitrites, petrochemicals, ions of iron and heavy metals, radionuclides, pathogenic (morbific) microbes and bacterias, etc. Herewith, the natural mineral balance and pH of ready extra-clear water remains without change.
Purifier is effective both in cold and hot water, is safe, non-allergic, non-toxic and does not form a secondary
compounds in water.
The Purifier is simply in use and most important for:
- primary and /or extra purification of water as well as long-term reservation of potable water (household; farming; urban (municipal), clinical, industrial and military needs, etc.);
- medicine including phyto-medicines and cosmetics (beauty treatment and hairdressing);
- therapy and prophylaxis of various diseases and epidemics;
- everyday hygienic (sanitary) needs;
- nutrition (home and child's feeding, public catering, food industry and military, etc).
Purifier can use as follows:
- as coagulant;
- as a solution;
- in primary concentrated form.
* Info about advisable and useful applicability of Purifier by distributors' request.
Wholesale, MLM distribution, etc is available internationally !
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