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One of the largest in the World unique flawless Gemstone - natural Alexandrite 48 ct.
"PLATINUM RARITY AWARD" - SwissLab GRS: 2009. Size: 21.24 x 17.06 x 14.42 (mm);
"Cushion" Shape; Exclusive Cut: "Modified Brilliant / step 6";  Weight: 48 ct !
Fantastic Prominent color-change from brownish-green ("olive-green") in daylight to red
(in candescent light); Extremely rare combination of size and Excellent transparency! 
Sale price upon request.
It is truly perfect investment for Celebrities, Corporate VIP's, Jewelry manufacturers,
Gem-hunters and collectors, connoisseurs, banks, museums, and other motivated buyers
who are willing to become a proud owner of such rarity.
If you are willing and able to buy, please contact us via: