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American Home in Japan for sale (short-term exclusive offer for quick deal !)

Extremely favorable location of large residental house in Japan  - only one hour train ride from Tokyo Station or from Narita Tokyo Airport !

Three-story and completely furnished house is located on 210 sq.m. (64 "tsubo") whole fenced land, while the nearby japanese houses are built majority on 30 tsubo land, in peaceful and friendly japanese residential area having extra-clean air. The complete housing materials are imported from America so this house has a good value comparing to japanese midget houses.

House areas: 1-st floor - 90.67 sq.m.; 2-nd and 3-rd floors by 89.43 sq.m., total: 270 sq.m.  There are 4 bedrooms (1 master bedroom - 256.5 sq.ft.), japanese style guest-room 144sq.ft, bathroom, kitchen, terrace, balcony, toilets, sauna, garage, washing machine, dish washer/dryer, Phone, TV and Airconditioners (heat and cool) in each room, urban water supplying. All sturdy wooden floors no carpeting. In Master Bed Room also - Satellite TV, WC with walk area, Sand Bag for boxing.