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Fresh air inside your car!!!


Portable Car Ozonizer


This Car Ozonizer is product of advanced technology specially designed to improve the interior atmosphere of the car and keeps the interior refreshed, cleaned and sterilized as well as brings perceptible health benefits to passengers. It significantly eliminates unpleasant and offending odour and effectively decompose most detrimental chemical-substances that are in the interior environment of the vehicles.


Using advanced technology to generate ozone, this portable ozonizer also comes with illuminated on/off switch, automatic timer, output control and fan speed control.


 Low power consumption
 Low maintenance and no changing of component parts needed
 Has separate terminal and is safe to touch





Voltage              : DC 12V
Power                : 0.28W
Ozone output   : Up to 80 mg/hr
Dimension        : 20(W) x 110(L) mm
Net weight        : 100g
Model no           : WMG - 3110




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