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The Best in the World Helicopter VIP / Presidential Class

This multi-purpose most high-equipped and safest in the world "Sikorsky S-92Helicopter has Custom Made Luxury Interior for 9 passengers + attendant, Crew: 2. The Sikorsky S-92 is a four-bladed twin-engine medium-lift long-range (1000 km.) off-shore helicopter built by Sikorsky Aircraft for the civil and military helicopter market. The S-92 was developed from the Sikorsky S-70 helicopter and has similar parts such as flight control and rotor systems. The S-92 is multi-purpose helicopter powered by Twin "GE CT7-8A" turboshaft engines and has an aluminum airframe and some composite components. The four-bladed fully articulated composite main rotor blade is wider and has a longer radius than the Sikorsky S-70. The tapered blade tip sweeps back and angles downward to reduce noise and increase lift. Most of the rotor system components aside from the blades are titanium. Tethered hover flight has recorded 31,000 lb of lift generated, both in and out of ground effect.
The S-92 also features an active vibration control system with vibration sensors and structurally mounted force generators. The system provides for comfortable flight and acoustic levels below certification requirements. This system also prolongs airframe life by reducing fatigue loads on the aircraft. The new-generation S-92 is a uniquely economical helicopter. With 80% fewer maintenance tasks than other helicopters and structures and systems designed for on-condition maintenance, the S-92 has significantly lower maintenance costs than competing helicopters. Ideal for congested or remote airports, the S-92ís built-in work platforms mean minimal ground support equipment for excellent maintainability. Available satellite phones allow global communications anytime, anywhere.
The main rotor and tail rotor blades as well as most important components have unlimited life ! The S-92 has only one component requiring scheduled overhaul, and only two components with a retirement life of less than ten years or 12,000 hours.  
A number of eminently safety features such as flaw tolerance, bird strike capability, engine burst containment, autorotation (windmilling) once engines are in "power off" regime have been incorporated into the design. Adherence to FAA FAR part 29 has led the FAA and EASA certification board to call the S-92 the "safest helicopter in the world". The S-92 meet the FAR part 29 "run dry" requirement by asserting the loss of oil pressure in the main gear box is "extremely remote". The S-92 is the first and only helicopter to meet these new standards !
S-92 Helicopter featuring: Two "General Electric CT7-8" Turbo-shaft Engines w/Integral Particle Separator and Pneumatic Starters, AlliedSignal 36-150[S-92] Auxiliary Power Unit 90 shp w/35 KVA 3-phase AC Generator, Engine Instrument and Caution Advisory System (EICAS), Four Blade Fully Articulated Main Rotor System w/Manual Bladefold Provisions, Dual Controls, 115 Volt 400 Hz AC, 3-phase Electrical System with two 75 KVA Oil Cooled Generators and two 28 Volt DC 400 amp DC Converters, One 28 volt DC 15 Amp-hour Battery, (Note: This battery is replaced by Option 81002 24 AMP Hour Battery). Upper Anti-Collision light (strobe), Retractable Landing Gear, 760 Gallons Fuel in two External Sponsons with Self-Sealing Breakaway Valves, Pressure Refueling System, Pilot and copilot Heated Glass Windshields, Dual Windshield Wipers w/Washer System, Exterior Lighting, Bleed Air Heating and Defogging, Pilot and Copilot Seats with 5 Point Restraint/Harness, (Note: These seats are replaced by Option 71007 Crew Seats with Sheepskin seating) Active Vibration Control System, Large 6 Ft High by 6 Ft wide by 20 Ft long Cabin Area, Four (4) cabin emergency exits, Two (2) cockpit emergency exits, Hydraulic Cargo Ramp, Six (6) Exterior Aircraft tiedown fittings.
Additional Equipment:
Avionics Management System, Dual Collins VHF-422D, Dual VOR / ILS Collins VIR-432, Dual Mode S Transponder, TDR-94D, Dual DME Collins DME-442, FMS w/GPS, Primus 880, Digital Moving Map EuroAvionics, EGPWS, TCAS-I, Honeywell JetMap, Life rafts, Emergency Flotation System (EFS), Air Conditioning System, Rotor Blade Ice Protection System.
The mian features of S-92 in brief :
- Enhanced ground proximity warning protection
- Crashworthy seats for Crew and Passengers
- Three cabin emergency hatches
- Cabin windows that can be jettisoned to make escape easier
- Emergency Sea State 5 flotation and 14/21 person life raft systems
- A fuel containment and supply system using two crashworthy fuel cells that keeps fuel away from the cabin and prevents hazardous spray.
- Two crashworthy fuel tanks with a combined capacity of 760 gallons
- Dual suction fuel feed system with self-sealing breakaway valves and crossfeed capability- An optional rotor-ice protection system
- Energy-absoring landing gear
- Traffic collision avoidance system
- Weather radar, Heated windshields 
- Bird strike protection even at the aircraft's maximum speed
- Composite spar main rotor blades with lightning strike protection
- High energy turbine burst protection
- Engine inlet anti-ice system 
- Unlimited life, flaw tolerant rotor system
- 30-minute drive system after oil leak and 140% over-torque certification
- The main transmission features a unique planetary gear system, and utilizes advanced materials for long life
- Elastomeric main and tail rotor rod end bearings
- The flaw-tolerant hub and yoke design provides unlimited life and improved safety, and the main gearbox incorporates advanced corrosion-resistant materials and coatings.
- The main rotor and tail rotor blades as well as most components have unlimited life !
- Full autorotation (windmilling) landing
The sale price upon request.
Pictures and Specification, please click on button =>                      s-92 presidential specification.pdf