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About SoapMagic Product:

   All consumers are always so amazed to see their clean clothes after using up to 90% less detergent.  The SoapMagic can make one box of any detergent last up to 10 times longer. This makes for huge savings for the average family year after year.

   It is revolutionary, new high-output water conditioner that makes water wetter!


   SoapMagic externally looks like usual soap but it is durable as well as thermo- chemically-resistant plastic box, having inside a high-tech innovation specially designed flow-through magnetic capacitor with opposite polarities, separated by a tuned resonance gaps through which water flows.

   Any kind of water where the SoapMagic is dipped will be exposed to special influence changing a some characteristics of water, providing hereby extreme effective penetration of any detergents into fibers of any fabrics, herewith concentration of detergents and temperature of washing (laundering) could be much below rather than the manufacturers of detergents recommends.

   Thus, serving you a long-lived SoapMagic save your money, washing machine, your hands and environment, and also both a colours and durability of fabrics you wash. You can use low-cost detergents and achieve hereby most high results like if you will use extra-expensive detergents and high temperatures of water.

   Dealers in worldwide average profit margins up to 100% - 300%!

There is no installation needed. Just drop the SoapMagic into your washing machine or wash-basin and begin saving your money.


   The market for the SoapMagic is vast and includes everyone that washes their laundry in washing machines as well as by hands. Every homeowner or rural can benefit from using the SoapMagic for laundry.

                                    100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


"Our family of six saved over 40,000 Yen in one year with SoapMagic" - Japan

"We saved 360,000 Lira in only 6 months." - Italy

"I was able to do all the laundry for my husband and I in one year for a total

detergent cost of only 9 pounds." UK